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With any simple medical question you are welcome at the WalkinClinic of Dr. Van Tolingen.
After 30 years of experience as a physician, I believe that an accessible clinic without answering machines and assistants for you will be an advantage!

So I’m ready for you with medical advice and treatment!

You can contact me for the following complaints:

  • Ear
  • Nose
  • Throat/Diagnosis on Strep Throat
  • Respiratory
  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Back Problems
  • Checking of your blood sugar
  • Checking of your bloodpressure
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Second Opinion
  • Taping for sport injuries
  • Remove stitches
  • Prescribing (repeat) prescriptions

You better can go to your own doctor for:
Symptoms or medical questions related to a chronic condition such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, etc.
Complaints for which referral is needed to see a specialist, the hospital or blood tests.
Complaints often requiring prolonged or multidisciplinary care is needed.

Upon request, I also do a house visit. Ask for the conditions for house visits.

What are the costs?
You pay by pin only and receive an invoice, together with a report of the consultation for your own doctor.